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Surface slim pen to Surface Duo drops, so button quick launch apps stop?


New member
Feb 22, 2015
Hi, do anyone members know how to enable the Slim pen (gen 1) to keep it's Bluetooth connection perminently connected to the Surface Duo (gen 1), so that the quick apps can open using the Slim pens top button.

Also, is there a way to stop a 'keyboard & language configuration' notification popup everytime the Slim pen is connected using it's Bluetooth connection?

Or, is there a workaround Android app, that can stop selected bluetooth connected hardware divices from disconnecting?



New member
Apr 10, 2022
I'm having a similar issue with Duo 2 and Slim Pen (gen 1). It turns out that you cannot pair the Slim gen 1 to Duo 2 (well you can pair them but they won't stay connected). So besides the button only working for about 60 secs, the other issue I'm having is that the on screen keyboard pops up while i'm trying to handwrite. More specifically, the keyboard pops up whenever the Duo 2 perceives the stylus to have screen tapped versus writing. I have two gen 1 Slim Pens and one Surface Pen - all acting the same. I want to say this started after February update, because i was not having an issue taking handwritten notes in Evernote. I am going to try a Slim Pen 2, but i won't be happy with Microsoft if that's what fixes this issue. I've already spent enough on Surface products.

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