Syncing Problem in Microsoft Edge

akshar shah

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Oct 23, 2017
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Syncing Problem in Microsoft Edge

I have signed in to Microsoft Edge, I have sync settings ON, I add favorites, it gets synced, I can access on my any device. This is good. But there is a problem..

On PC :
After doing reset to Microsoft Edge, lost favorites. Can't sync favs as there is no option to [sign out / sign in] again into Microsoft Edge without having to reset PC. . Which means there is problem, may be favorites are not on cloud or a bug that it cant sync.

On windows phone :
Hard reset windows phone, but still favorites get synced. Which means favorites were on cloud.

On Android:
Install Microsoft Edge, log in with Microsoft account and there is favorites, already synced, ready to use which were already on PC. Which means favorites were on cloud.

The above mentioned problem is done "Using the same Microsoft account" for each case.

I wonder what happens in case of " PC " where are the favorites?

Why I cant get my favs back on PC ?

Why should I back up my favs before doing a reset ?

Are they not already on cloud ?

If not already on cloud, then what is the use of "sync my settings" option ?
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