T-Mobile HD2 - slowdowns


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Sep 13, 2005
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I'm having some trouble with my HD2, which arrived this week. At certain times, the UI becomes very slow, hesitant and the phone will not work. Rebooting does not seem to work, and the reboot time is excessive.

I thought it might be one of the programs I've loaded. I did a wipe, and then only loaded WMWifi Router. I experienced more problems, so I did another wipe and have not loaded any programs.

There is definitely seems to be a relation to the wifi service. I had the wifi on and the phone slowed down, not right away, but after several hours. I switched the wifi off and it is working fine. It also didn't seem to slow down until I used/setup Windows Live, but that could simply be time. I also had it connected to my PC to sync my contacts, etc, before the slowdown occurred. Again, I?m not sure if this is related.

When I shutoff wifi, and went 3G only, the UI went back to normal, and has stayed that way for the past 18 hours. I?ve just switched the wifi back on and it is running fine and fast.

There was an error message at one point, before I did the 2nd wipe, and it seemed it was related to the program that switches the data connections. Of course, the phone wasn't working well enough to send the message out and the wipe kills all of the log files.

Anyone else experiencing something like this? I love the phone, but it needs to WORK. I?m going to have to carry my Treo Pro with me, as a backup.


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Nov 13, 2009
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Hey, i do not own an HD2, although i want one real bad. Here are some ideas: have you tried updating the ROM for this device? I am not sure if the stock ROM is the latest ROM available for the T-Mobile HD2 (which i assume that it is a T-Mobile version and not the imported version). It is possible that the UI could be the culprit. The Sense UI funnels information from everywhere i would assume from the internet so it is possible that because if it constantly running, it begins to eat up system resources quickly and slow down your device.

What i would recommend doing is maybe finding a ROM version for your device from XDA developers (not sure if you would need to unlock your phone first or not, my WM device was never locked down on a carrier to begin with). I am sure you have checked and checked all the running apps. I would see if turning off the Sense UI for a little while could make a difference. I think the Sense UI tiles and icons and stuff like that are "live" so they would constantly be connected to the web updating and such.

Let me know if you thought any of my suggestions were useful. I would also say to search in the XDA developers site forums. They have a dedicated section to HTC devices and specific models, like yours. It is not the first time of hearing the device slowing down; in fact i read a review from tech radar (i believe) that said that after keeping the device on for long periods of time without a reboot does seem to cause the software and the device to become sluggish. I notice this happns with just about all the Windows Mobile devices since most devices have the inability to shut down without the user removing the battery. i am not sure if new devices can do this or not.


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Apr 23, 2010
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This phone has been out 6 weeks in the US. No ROM updates exist.

T-Mobile has issued a new upgrade ROM for the HD2. I uploaded it and found it made the phone less responsive and slower to respond to touching the corners of the phone. It also will now not connect with my Active Sync on my computer. T-Mobile is sending me a new phone.:(:(

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