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Tango install didn't complete, I believe?


New member
Aug 19, 2012
Hello, all! This is my first post here on the site, but I've been a visitor for a long time.

Let's get down to it, I have a Lumia 710, and two family members have Lumia 900s. Just earlier today I updated both 900s to Tango, and noticed something strange. Neither of them has the new Marketplace icon, (with a Nokia logo on it,) that I've had on my 710 since I installed Tango on it long ago. I had read that the "pink spot" issue in the camera was addressed, but it doesn't appear to be on these 900s. Also, when I went into the settings, the subtext to "check for updates" (or whatever it may be called) said that an update was available, but when I tapped it, it said that there were no updates.

Something odd happened after the updates finished, both devices booted to the start screen, but it was completely blank aside from the time in the top corner of the screen, and the search button fading in and out as I dragged in from the side to the app list. Touching anywhere did nothing. Tapping the search key brought up Bing though, but quitting just brought me back to a useless start screen. Restarting fixed it, (where then it told me that I had successfully installed an update,) but it was sketchy nontheless. And, of course, it doesn't seem to have installed completely.

I have read about others experiencing "incomplete" installs of Tango, but they have all been using the Windows Phone Connector for Mac, and I used a Windows 7 PC. It went through three stages, (the last being the "Nokia" update,) but I am unsure if that is all that one normally goes through.

Has anyone else had similar issues? I've read that the phones will recognize that there are still updates and it will let me download them eventually, but I'm just curious.


New member
Mar 3, 2012
Still got the old Marketplace logo here, and also got the black screen with only the time in the top bar. Soft reset cured it, fine ever since.

Pink spot in the camera is still there as well.


New member
Dec 15, 2007
My marketplace icon is still the same old marketplace icon. Everything seems fine or better since the update!

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