Textboxes stop working on Edge? Youtube Videos are blank?


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Feb 10, 2013
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Has anyone had an issue with the latest updates where the Edge browser stops showing the keyboard when you select a textbox? It doesnt happen all the time, and it can easily be fixed by closing Edge and reopenning it, but it has been a big pain in the butt to me. Even if I search for something in Cortana, Bing will not let me select the Search box and edit my search values. I always have to restart the app.

I also have a problem with Youtube videos. They will play fine for a while, but eventually I will start playing a video where I can hear the audio but the video only comes in slowly, or not at all.

I really dont understand how these things happen. I would think that they would have some automated UI tests that could weed these issues out quickly. I mean, the most common things people do on their phones involve searching the internet and watching videos. Could they not at least make sure that THOSE things worked before pushing out changes?

Has anyone found a way to resolve this or am I stuck with it until yet another update?

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