The Best Xbox One deal is at the Microsoft Store for This 2014 Black Friday - Here is why

Christian Matthew

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May 14, 2013
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Currently, Microsoft store is giving $329 and $429 deals in regards to Xbox One bundle - like Target and Walmart is giving. I am peeved at the freaking Assassins Creed being the damn bundle for all store mind you... I just don't want that game.

Where the MSFT Store differs is the fact they are giving you a FREE game of your choice too boot!!!

So instead of $50 or controller they are giving you the game of your choice plus the Creed game along with the system.

They have other package bundle deals too such as controller, warranty, Xbox live 12 month and Two games, one of your choice for $199.

Keith Wallace

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Nov 8, 2012
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Wal-Mart is doing a one-hour guarantee on a base Xbox One and The Master Chief Collection for $329, and they're also giving you a $30 gift card. You could then put that $30 towards an awesome game like Shadow of Mordor, and have a few bucks left for gum. I'd rather have Halo and Mordor for the same price as the two Assassin's Creed games I wouldn't want and Halo. Still, if you're into Assassin's Creed (and don't mind waiting for Unity to become stable), and want to go digital, this would be a perfect bundle.

That said, I've already got my Xbox, Halo, and I beat Mordor, so I luckily don't have to choose.

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