The conundrum... which lumia (830 vs 930) for me?


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Dec 26, 2014
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Firstly I apologize if this is a very tired question and/or this is in the wrong area.

I've been on the fence for a few months now on whether to jump from Android to Windows OS. I guess also the lack of a proper flagship for the Lumia range has also prevented my decision.

I was wondering if I could get a recommendation on which phone is best for me, the Lumina 930 or 830 where price difference is not an issue.

Maybe this could also help others who have a similar profile as I do.

Which has the better camera? I've read conflicting views. Does the 830 perform poorly in low light conditions because of the smaller sensor?
I don't game, so with just day-to-day usage i.e. web browsing, occasional YOUTUBE videos is the difference with the 830 noticeable?
I always keep my phone on vibrate. The lack of Glance on the 930 is disheartening but unless it is always on, is it really an advantage? How does always-on Glance affect battery life seeing as the 830 has a smaller battery?
What exactly won't be available for the 830 version of Cortana? I never used Google Now services so I probably won't be affected either way unless it somehow blows my mind. :D

I guess you can sort of guess, the 930 doesn't really impress me as a so-called "flagship", so essentially I'm trying to justify if the 'lesser' 830 will be the right choice for me.

Lastly, does anyone think we might see a high-end Lumina come out around March/April? If so I could wait.

Thank you for the help, I hope the join the Windows OS wagon! :)


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May 28, 2014
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I would recommend a 930, you don't have to believe everything I say I don't know everithing about Lumia phones but if you want to buy a 830 or 930, think about buying a 735 or a 930. The 735 has the same specs as the 830 except for these
- 735 has a 6.7MP rear camera and a 5.0MP front camera, the rear camera is really brilliant though it's only 6.7MP. The 830 has a 10MP rear camera and a 0.9MP front camera
- 735 has only got 8GB, 830 has 16GB
- 830 has Glance, 735 doesn't
But the 735 is 60$ cheaper than the 830!!!

The 930 has a 20MP rear camera, a 1.2MP front camera, 32GB memory but you can't extend with a Micro SD. it has 2GB RAM and a quad core 2.2 GHz Krait 400. (The 735 and 830 only have 1GB RAM and quad core 1.2 GHz Cortex A-7)

Glance does not have a big effect on the battery.

Lumia 735 Nokia Lumia 735 - Full phone specifications
Lumia 830 Nokia Lumia 830 - Full phone specifications
Lumia 930 Nokia Lumia 930 - Full phone specifications

It's your choice! Merry X-Mas and hopefully welcome to Windows Phone


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Mar 16, 2013
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hiii i'm a happy 830 and i'll answer your doubts :)

well...the 830 camera isn't better than the 930 but it really is a good camera, better than any Android on the same price tag!

and it isn't better for very few details, like the 930 has more MP so it can capture more detail...still, the 830 does a more than decent job and low-light performance os really good BUT you must set it manually and use a tripod if you can! i'll attach some pics both in low and daylight! (as soon as I figure how to thru Tapatalk lol)

I believe the phone will suit you really well, since you don't play! and even if you did play, it still offers a decent performance.

but for overall day-to-day use, it is fast and smooth, not once I had problems with lagging/freezing!

for this type of use, you won't notice much in performance between both phones...the difference might only be felt in heavy tasks!

never used Glance always on but it activates if you move the phone, thru the movement sensor, so you can still check it whenever you want!

the difference is we wont have "hey Cortana" from any screen, much like Google Now or Moto X touchless control works!

I think the 830 might be a good choice for your day-to-day use, it also has removable battery, microSD support, lighter and thinner profile but still premium design.

the 930 is also a great phone but for those not making use of heavy tasks, I think it is a waste actually! buying a powerful phone and not using all it has to offer!

so go with something simpler that fits your needs better :)
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