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The five best Windows Phone games of March


Staff member
Dec 17, 2013

Welcome to our new regular feature: the best games of the month. Every month we?ll look at a collection of the newly released Windows Phone games that stand out from the crowd. The titles we choose will range in genre and production value. Anything goes as long as it?s fun, original (not using someone else?s IP without permission), and freshly launched.
March was a particularly strong month for Windows Phone because we got three new Xbox Live releases. Multiple mobile Xbox titles in a month is not a common occurrence nowadays. We?ve chosen two of those titles for this best-of list: Rayman Fiesta Run and Throne Together. Non-Xbox games tended towards average quality this month, but Machinarium, Castle Raid 2, and Super Polygon rise above the pack as excellent games.
Quick impressions and Store links after the break!

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