The Growing 3G/4G Debate


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Nov 27, 2010
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We all know that Windows Phone was created to tap into the expanding smartphone market. Many, MANY, people are upgrading to smartphones. MS wanted to create an OS that was "Always delightful. Wonderfully mine." -Balmer (Correct me on the exact wording.) It can be considered a "girl phone", and I mean that in a positive way. One that actually works and isn't complicated to use. Some people just don't want to have to work on it to get it to work. They don't care about the details, they just want to see the end result. (Those people probably are not the people reading this because they have better things to do.) MS never said that it would be light years ahead in speed and specs. They said it would be an enjoyable and efficient mobile device experience. "Get in. Get out. Get on with your life."

We know that WP7 has proven itself to be faster in some cases than other high-end devices including ones using dual-core processers. (I saw a couple of videos on youtube that demonstrated this. The links actually originated on this site, so feel free to repost those links.) Which would you rather have? A car with a speedometer that reads up to 150mph, or a car that goes up to 150mph?

Currently all WP7 devices are 3G capable. There are still parts of the country (the U.S.) that still are only 2G. 4G is where we are progressing towards obviously, but when? That sounds like a silly question, but think about it. Those of you with a 4G capable device, how often do you use that next "G"? I really want to know, because I don't know one person who actually owns a device that is 4G capable, let alone actually use 4G. I live in a metro area of 200k people thoroughly soaked with Verizon users, and we don't have it yet.

Since I have not witnessed real 4G in action I am interested to hear from those of you who have.

Assuming that 4G greatly enhances the user experience that everyone wants, (and I have no doubt that for some it will,) what will it cost, but more importantly, will it be worth it? We know that 4G service costs the mobile operator more money, both in infrastructure and in actual data. Of course they will pass that cost on to the consumers. (I think in most cases they have already.)

Now remember, MS is trying to attract NEW smartphone customers. Whatever device they choose will already be more capable than their two year old feature phone. They will, however go right back to that old phone if:
1. They can't easily learn how to use their new device.
2. They feel they are not getting any extra benefit from their new device.
3. They feel that the added features are not worth the increased monthly cost of having a data package.
Any of those thing happen and MS will have lost a WP7 customer. (Remember, someone with a poor experience will be more vocal about it than one that is satisfied.)

My point is this: Why does WP7 need to be "4G capable" right now? People who are mobile device enthusiasts know the difference and care, but the target demographic doesn't. They just want a phone that is fun, easy to use, and works.

I don't think that MS will try to promote a 4G WP7 device yet unless they drastically change their marketing strategy by trying to "out-spec" others. I don't see them trying that for quite a while.

*I'm looking forward to insight from people more informed that myself.


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Nov 9, 2010
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WP7 needs to be 4G capable because I'm tired of watching Netflix movies that look like they're watercolored cartoons, and because I shouldn't be forced into a 3G phone because the target demographic doesn't care about my Netflix quality.

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