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The Long Fall From Grace...


New member
Oct 30, 2012
As of right now, meaning at the time of this post, Apple's stock has fallen by 11% and have lost their position as the "Most Valuable Company In The World" to Exxon. The iPhone 5 (which was well past due in my opinion) has now been cut in half as far as orders go, which can somewhat point to the overall demand for the device as of now. iOS is still stale, boring, and not like Live Tiles (unless you're a fanboy, still thinking Apple is the greatest ever) and this has transcended into everything besides the Mac line of products (because of iOS). Apple, in my opinion, has fallen into what I would call "RIM and Blackberry, Before BB10 syndrome"; meaning they've gone into this reclusive territory of the mere iteration. Let's take the iPad for example. The first iPad was Apple's take on the tablet and it worked tremendously; 4 iPads later and it's basically still the same tablet with just the whole "thinner and 20 something percent lighter" marketing pitch. After being an Apple user since the iPad, i've come to this conclusion; Apple can create a spark but cannot start a fire. It will revolutionize (or at least change our perception of the word) a certain product but can never reinvent it after the fact. This is where Windows Phone, BB10, Android 5.0 (hopefully) and possibly Ubuntu (anything can happen right) come in. All of these OS's have something in common...difference. Each OS gives something different to the consumer and this is where Apple lacks. Windows Phone gave us a different Home Screen (kind of, sort of); BB10 gave us a completely different way of how we look at BlackBerry; Android has greatly mastered the art of iterative innovation and Ubuntu is now on a phone. If you anyone can deliver this next statement to Apple, that would be great. It's not 2007 anymore. In fact, it's 6 years later. Static icons aren't useful anymore; we have Live Tiles and Widgets now. You can't just give us a "jewel" design; as we don't receive Twitter updates, get directions (Apple Maps), and stay connected to the most important people in our lives on a "jewel" design. Also, by the way, Google Now just killed Siri. Apple needs to do something and fast. Do something that can stand up as high as your ego. Bring the 2007 "swagger" into 2013 and just because the innovator died, doesn't mean the innovation has to as well. A lot of people want to close the casket on Apple as they did with Steve Jobs but this shouldn't be. If Apple can't innovate something by next year, we might have another RIM on our hands. Can't say they weren't great.


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Apr 3, 2012
Apple has 5th row of icons. I don't know what you are on about. That's revolutionary and different.


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Dec 28, 2012
Ubuntu will never be a threat. It is a niche product and only that.
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