The new design of All Apps list in start screen

Ramez Snober

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Jul 21, 2015
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Microsoft published a new design (not implemented yet) for the All apps list in the start menu:

By MS for DT.jpg
For the All Apps list in the Start menu (mostly for desktop mode) I liked the idea of merging the list of (most used & suggested/recently added) with list of All apps below it in one list while keep showing the icons of the important functions (turn off, profile, settings...) on the left.

By MS for Tablet.jpg
And for the All Apps in Start menu (mostly for Tablet mode) they tried to make the list full screen to provide something similar to Windows 8.1

But I fee it needs enhancements to match the features of the one on Window 8.1 so I did the following changes on it:
  1. I increased the number of columns to 4 to utilize the full screen. Also it is possible to fit 5 columns in SP 3 when Scaling is 150%
  2. The space for app title is bigger so it can show longer titles like "Candy Crush Soda Soga"
  3. On the top right corner I have added "Search apps" box to filter apps in the screen based on entered characters, also added a list to change the grouping between: by name/ by category/ by most used / by date installed. (Creativity from Win 8.1 in Win 10 style)

And here is the result:
Surface Pro 3.jpg

What do you think about those modifications?


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Nov 29, 2012
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I like it, feedback that... I like to use tablet mode primarily on my surface3. I find tablet mode still too much an after thought, always seem to be assuming that user would have keyboard and mouse.

Brandon Tobias

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May 6, 2014
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i like yours better i do like where MS is heading with the design
the logon screen that uses the lock screen image and stuff is nice
the use of transparent items more is better and they seem to have made the start and action center transparency smoother.
my gripe is the Explorer window and the old menu's they refuse to remove can u render that ??

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