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The Value of the 1520


New member
Nov 24, 2014
I bought a pristine used Lumia 1520 in November on eBay, switching to WP from an iPhone 5C. My wife still has her iPhone 5c, which we bought at the same time at the end of the "golden age" of the 2 year contract with AT&T. We have since switched to the AT&T Family Share plan, which pushes users to the NEXT installment plan. Despite it's niggling issues (touch sensitivity, intermittent proximity sensor performance, random lockups), my Lumia 1520 is still going strong and nearly two years after its release, is still among the top-shelf WP experiences. My wife's iPhone 5c is getting long in the tooth and she is upgrading soon to either the new iPhone 6S or to a 6+ if we find a good deal on one prior to the new iPhones launching.

I have been a very vocal critic that Microsoft needs to launch a new flagship phone soon. However, when I think about it from a practical standpoint, I have to salute Nokia and Microsoft for releasing such a beast of a phone and supporting it for over two years. My wife's phone gets slower and more temperamental with every update of iOS. I, on the other hand, have the prospect of W10 to look forward to in a few months. If I wasn't an emergency responder who absolutely depends on my phone, I would have W10 preview installed! I asked my wife if she wanted to wait and upgrade to the new Microsoft flagship that will hopefully be coming soon, but she said she was comfortable with an iPhone and I respect that. I think I am going to stick around the Windows Phone platform for a while longer. I'm kind of worried that based upon some of the internal restructuring moves, Microsoft is fixing to cut its losses on phones, but I'm hopeful that the one platform, multiple device philosophy proves successful. I was thinking that I might be one of the first in line to grab the new flagship, but if my 1520 is still chugging along, it might take something mighty compelling to get me to upgrade.

Dietrich Cleijne

New member
Oct 9, 2013
I hope there wll be a "6 windows flagship phone in the upcoming months, but if there isn't, i will stay loyal to my L1520, because i still love using it every day.

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