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May 3, 2011
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I listen to Zune in my car a lot. I have to say I'm impressed with how this device handles the Zune player. Here are some things I like, and hopefully some of these are new to you:

1. Unplugging the 1.8mm jack automatically pauses music play.
2. I'm not sure how this works, but this is how I think it goes. If Zune is the app that's open on your device and you plug something into the 1.8mm jack with the lock screen on (in fact, the lock screen may wake up automatically), then a Zune control appears on the top of the screen without you having to swipe up or enter your PIN.
3. Any time you wake the screen and hit a volume button, a Zune control appears on the top of the screen without you having to swipe up or enter your PIN. Pressing play will automatically play the last media you were watching or listening to.
4. I have my Zune connected to Bluetooth but my car only has support for phone functions. If I'm playing music and I get a call, the music pauses, and when I end the conversation, the music resumes.
5. Playing music a lot doesn't affect battery life as much as I thought it would.

2 and 3 are handy because you don't have to swipe up, enter your PIN, find the Zune app, find your media, and press play. Also, you don't have to swipe up or enter your PIN to adjust the volume. This is a huge improvement over the Zune HD which made you wake, swipe up, touch the screen, and then adjust the volume.

One thing I wish I could do is pin "Shuffle All" to the start screen. I hate having to navigate through multiple screens to get to this very basic feature. Much of the time, I can just resume because that's what I was doing last in Zune, but there are times when someone sends me a YouTube link and pressing play from the lock screen results in playing the YouTube video (last thing I viewed) instead of music. The only alternative I see is making a playlist with all my music and pinning the playlist to the start screen. That works, but I would have to update it every time I add music, which happens often.
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