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I have been with android on and off for several years and been briefly on Blackberry and Iphone. I am now fed up of Android as I am not much of an app person, as long as my main selections of apps is there, and I find android slows down alot of the time despite being on a flagship Note 4.
I was caught by the release of the new Microsoft Lumia 640, specifically due to the price so I can try windows and the new windows 10 later in the year when it is released.
Do you guys think this is an adequate phone for the operating system 8.1?
I know spec wise it isn't on par with the Note 4 but as long as the operating system is smooth that's all i care about. My old blackberry Z10 still moves around the operating system much smoother than my note 4 despite being an old phone in the BB world and not on par with Note 4 specs.
I have had a brief experience with windows when it was supplied by my previous work as a work mobile, i believe the Nokia Lumia 625, and i did find battery life and smoothness never to be an issue but as it was work i couldn't mess with the settings too much.
I like where WM is heading and now that I own an Xbox one and laptop would like more of a integration between my devices.
I have seen a fair few reviews but as lots of the people only try for a week I wanted some peoples view points from owning these devices longer.

Many thanks

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