This is funny...


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Nov 12, 2012
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...6tag was released into the Marketplace last night. That means WP8 has more than 5 different apps capable of posting to Instagram. Android/iOS has, what, 2? Instagram and Hipstamatic?

Not bad, considering that one of WP8's biggest initial criticisms was the lack of Instagram support. :evil:


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Oct 30, 2012
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yes, it is great.

I saw a good funny comment on verge article for 6tag

I quote

And still it continues.
1) bash WP marketplace for lack of apps
2) oh wait, they have lots of apps now.. find something else to bash it for
3) bash WP marketplace for lack of official apps… rinse.. repeat..
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Feb 27, 2012
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Reading the comments section, on The Verge, especially, or BGR, ATD, or several others, I'm struck by the sheer amount of anti-MSFT sentiment, that has nothing to really do with the products. I especially "love," when someone comments positively, about MSFT's position, and are accused of being paid, or sponsored by MSFT. It's really ironic when that happenes, and what is written mirrors my exact thoughts. Its like the Apple, and Google fanboys live in a world where only their likes/dislikes matter, because they are bourne out by these numerical superiorities, that they don't realize are ever-changing. Especially here, in America. They think that there have only been thousands of WP's sold, or only 50 Surface RT's, and that 16 people have upgraded to/purchased a Windows 8 license/new PC. While they completely ignore facts like, most iOS users have several iOS devices, so, no, there are not unique users for each iOS device sold, but that the majority of iPhones are sold year over year, to existing iPhone owners. Or that those same existing users, are the primary buyer, of a companion iPad, and then they just "have to have," the iPad Mini. Or that the overwhelming majority of Andriod phones are sold in developing markets, running Gingerbread, STILL! Those poor schlubs can't run most of the apps in the Play Store, because of substandard hardware, either! Its just sad. It would be demoralizing, except I keep going to those sites, and reading rose comments, ON MY LUMIA 920, or my SURFACE RT, and as I'm reading their garbage, I'm admiring the very hardware/software combinations, that they are denigrating. So, I'm able to call bull$h1+! I realize that this is just these fools, influences by the fools that only seem to write favorable articles on the things they personally prefer, instead of objectively covering things, on their own merits. Its just that I feel like WP fans don't tend to dog iPhone, or android users/products, nearly as much. Even though I was a former iPhone user (albeit, between WM6.1 & WP7), and I wouldn't touch Android with YOUR hands, because I detest the very sketchy data mining, that Google does, I don't begrudge anyone else, its use. Just don't hamper the development of apps, for my platform, by scaring devs away, with your subliminal, and conscious vitriolic trolling. Why should it matter that its a Microsoft product? Its a GOOD product. None of them are perfect, and all of them are flawed.

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