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Tired of losing your old #TileArt creations? This tip should help


Mod Emeritus
Mar 1, 2011
So you spend minutes, hours customizing your start screen, and you have a pretty nice image on there thanks to #TileArt.

But what happens when decide to change your start screen and tile art? Within the #TileArt app there's no way to save your previous work, but all is not lost.

As long as a single tile remains from the previous #TileArt creation, you can click on it and the entire image will open up in the app.

To save them, place a single tile inside a folder on the start screen.

I have a folder setup for my most used contacts. Within the folder I placed a single tile from my #TileArt creation. Now I can pull up that creation whenever I want to go back to it.

I hope this helps.

And if you already knew. :winktongue: