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To all prodigal son's there


New member
Feb 14, 2014
So, u used to be proud 1020 user, but for a reason or two you decided to leave the device behind. Now you returned to the 1020 and I'd like to know why, and from which device :)?
(having difficult time deciding whetever to buy a 1020 now, or wait 930 which probably will have inferior camera. I value low light performance of a phone to high, as I live in a country which has mostly dark seasons in a year :)

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New member
Mar 8, 2013
i never had a 1020 before but recently bought one off a member here. i say aside from the camera, the 1020 represents Nokia's biggest and probably last big photo-centric innovation (solely my opinion). I believe the rumored 930 will be a fantastic phone in terms of overall hardware but i believe the camera will still be inferior to 1020. I currently use a Nexus 5 and plan to have the 1020 as my main camera on trips and what not. I really like Windows platform and looking forward to 8.1

but i feel if you are happy with the camera performance (from reviews and pictures posted by members) of the 1520 and only care about posting pics to FB and social networks and not so much editing of photos, then i say wait for the 930 since the overall performance is much much much better than the 1020, in terms of speed and being "future-proof"

Some things to keep in mind - The 930 will probably cost a lot more and used ones will not show up quick. and with all these news about 8.1, it is not mentioned whether ALL the functions will be available to older devices...maybe only some features like how Apple did when they launched iOS 7.

just my .02. good luck

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