Took forever to figure out how to set up Cortana in Windows 10


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Jun 24, 2013
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Let me preface that I use Cortana on Windows Phone and am completely familiar with its features.

So when I go to install Windows 10 and log into my Microsoft account, I expected Cortana to be somewhat set up already. So I click on the Cortana tile and none of my interests are showing. So I think, "Okay, maybe I need to set it up.".

I click on the Settings button but it doesn't let me toggle the first switch to "on". I can't change anything actually. I'm clicking everywhere, doing searches, etc. So at this point, I'm thinking maybe Cortana was seriously neutered in Windows 10. I couldn't imagine a new person who had no experience with Cortana would think. They would probably think it's just a search bar in the taskbar or Start menu.

So after forever trying to figure out what was happening, I tapped the Cortana halo and then I'm in and it's asking permissions and allowing me to do settings and then Cortana is set up the way it was with Windows Phone. Seriously, there should be some prompt somewhere telling me to tap the halo to get things started.

I go to my next Windows 10 installation on another PC, I load Cortana. And that second PC pulls my Cortana and the settings automatically and asks me for permissions. So I didn't have to do anything. Yes!

My little Cortana adventure... :winktongue:

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