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Top Endless Runner Games for Windows Phone

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Dec 17, 2013

[h=3]Windows Phone Central Gaming Roundup: Endless Runners[/h]Endless Runner games, also know to some as Infinite Runner games, are a fantastic way to pass the time with and there are plenty to choose from in the Windows Phone Store.* You know the games, the ones where the gaming character runs, jumps, dodges, and tumbles through various obstacles and dangers.* You run as far as possible before you eventually take a wrong turn, jump a little too late, or otherwise find your character stumble to their fate.
While this genre of games seems to be multiplying faster than weather apps, we shine the light on four of the top rated endless runners that are available in the Windows Phone Store for this week's roundup.* All four titles were highly anticipated titles that are drawn-up nicely and would be a great addition to your Windows Phone gaming library.

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