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Top Rated Health and Fitness apps for our Windows Phones

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Dec 17, 2013

We all face the challenge to live a healthy and fit life. For some, the challenge is easier to get a handle on while others need a little help. There is a host of Windows Phone apps that can be beneficial to everyone who is pursuing a healthier and fit lifestyle.
These Windows Phone apps are diverse in coverage and can help you track your sleep, count your steps, walk you through exercise routines, count your calories and more. For this week's Windows Central Roundup, we have pulled six of the top rated apps in the Health and Fitness Category to spotlight.
We are not including apps such as Microsoft's Health, Runtastic, Fitbit. The reason being is at the time of the sampling we concentrated on the apps with five-star ratings. It's not a conspiracy to sweep anything under the rug. We understand there are plenty of great health and fitness apps beyond what we are highlighting, but we also need to avoid a 10,000-word article.
If we have overlooked your favorite Health and Fitness app from the Windows Phone Store, feel free to toss out your recommendation in the comments below.

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