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Apr 15, 2011
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**My apologies if this has already been posted**

So you may/may not know this, but if you bought a Dell Venue Pro, either second hand or refurbished, and it still has a warranty, you will be unable to use that warranty until you complete a "device transfer request" from

I have just done this step, and now have access to my devices remaining 300 days of the original warranty (yay!).

All in all, it's pretty simple. Just go to this website: Ownership-Tag Transfer | Dell and then perform the following steps:

1. Enter the Service Tag and the Express Service Code (ESC is not necessary, but gives you a better chance of successfully transferring the device), then press Continue.

2. Enter "No Information" as the First Name, Last Name, and Zip Code, if you do not know the name of the previous devices owner. Since I bought mine refurbed from Amazon, this is what I did. Press Continue to go to the New Owner Information page.

3. Enter your information as required. Press Continue.

If you are lucky, you should be greeted with a "We have successfully transferred ownership" message. If not, you will need to wait a few days and see if they need any further information from you.

FYI: This also works for any Dell branded product, PCs, Laptops, Printers, anything with a Dell logo on it. I did try it on one of my Dell PCs, that I bought used, but it said I had to wait 15 days for the request to process, however my DVP transfer went through with no problem.

I hope this helps some folks!

PS - If you are successfully able to get your DVP's ownership transferred to your name, you should then be able to call in to Dell Support and request for them to unlock your device. When I called in a few weeks ago, Support wouldn't help me do this, since the device was listed under a different owner. Hopefully I can finally get this done since T-Mobile is making me wait 60 days before they will allow me to unlock it.
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