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Jun 18, 2011
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Hey guys, Just a new member of the community and a developer. Below is a short description of my first app for WP7:

Want to enjoy a book, have a nap or immerse yourself in music without the need to worry about missing your stop on the train or bus? Travelnapp lets you relax and enjoy the journey, automatically stopping your music and waking you with an alarm when you are approaching your destination.

Utilising your phone?s GPS capabilities, this application is able to accurately track your journey almost anywhere in the world. The gathered location data is also used to plot your route on an easily accessible map and calculate your estimated time of arrival and average speed. Travelnapp also features a set of failsafes whose aim is to wake you should GPS signal be lost for an extended period of time (for example: in a tunnel) as you near your destination.

Features include:

-Highly customisable in regards to map styles, distance units and alert distance.
-Eye catching yet simple design and layout.
-Relies on GPS signal so will still track you even in areas with no cell coverage.
-Optimised to avoid draining your battery.
-Works under locked screen.
-Will work at any destination worldwide where access to GPS satellites is available.
-Journey statistics.
-Route plotted on map.
-Has the ability to automatically stop your music and notify you of destination arrival.
-Regular updates coming with exciting new features.

And the best thing of all, it is completely FREE!

If you're interested you can download Travelnapp from this link:

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