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Aug 1, 2011
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Buckeyeballer09 wanted a brief review of the trophy, so here it is.

I came from a motorola droid. At first I loved it. I did the whole rooting, custom rom thing. It worked great and was fast. Eventually I started having problems with it. I put it back to stock and still had problems. When Verizon got the iphone I ugraded my wife to one instead of an android due to the problems I was having with mine. It didn't take long to see the iphone was a much better phone than my droid. When it was time for my upgrade I checked out all the latest androids on verizon. Droid 3, droid x2, incredible 2, htc thunderbolt, samsung charge and an lg. None of them impressed me. I had read some reviews on the windows 7 phones, so I checked out the trophy in the store. I read a bunch of reviews and watched a bunch of videos and decided to try it. So far two months later I'm loving it. Even before mango it was faster and smoother than any droid and the iphone 4. I find it easy to use. Battery life is decent. With mango this is an amazing phone. It goes from screen to screen so fast and the animations are very attractive. Things like facebook integration, chat integration and the bing services (local scout, vision, music) really set this phone apart. I love the voice actions. I sent a couple of text messages today without typing. I couldn't ever make voice to text work on my droid. I like downloading podcasts on zune and wirelessly syncing them overnight. The browser is extremely fast and rotates from portrait to landscape very quickly.

The negatives: I don't find this phone does as good on voice and data reception as my droid. I haven't really tested it since I updated to mango today. Hopefully it does better. People I talk to say I sound better on the trophy than the droid.
Youtube: android has a much better youtube app. It's nice to be able to watch a youtube video and share it via text, email or facebook, or copy the link and paste it somewhere.

I'm sure I'm missing some stuff so feel free to ask about something I might have overlooked.

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