Twitter notifications option has disappeared from one account?

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Twitter notifications option has disappeared from one account

Hi all

I know we ALL have problems with twitter app. This is a strangeness though, I have 2 accts, one is personal and one is a campaign account I run. For some reason I stopped getting notifications to my phone on the personal account.

It's been about a week, now I've tried many, many things before coming here. I cleared cache/data. Uninstall/reinstall. Tried revoke access to app. Tried removing/adding phone number. Checked the sync, all on and good. I can't figure why one account on the same app isn't getting anything anymore while the other is fine as normal.

I've checked all the settings on both accounts attached to the app, and they are the same for both. The phone number is attached to the account that's not receiving the notifications. I tried removing the number, made no difference.

I have noticed a change on the settings for both accounts, when I go the settings/mobile notifications on either account, It no longer shows the list of the accounts I get notifications for or option to see this. And by going to someone's profile page, the star option is gone, so I can't "subscribe" to tweets (I was trying to test this). I also noticed that anything I do try to change in the mobile notifications section on my phone, I am not getting an "settings have been updated" message which normally pops up in lieu of a save button when you hit back. It's like any reference to phone notifications, or option to access this or those account followed is completely gone from the app.

I can access the options via pc, but nothing I do there affects the app either, but says all is turned on/enabled etc. Any suggestions?

Thank you respectfully all in advance x

Chintan Gohel

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May 23, 2014
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Re: Twitter notifications option has disappeared from one account

try a different app? There are many 3rd party apps as people have said

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