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Aug 14, 2011
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I made the leap. I wanted to take a couple weeks and experiment. I sold my Focus on Ebay and bought an Android phone on Craigslist. After a week of Android I sold it on Ebay and bought a new iPhone4 on Craigslist. I just sold the iPhone 4 on Ebay and purchased two used LG Quantums last night (one works one is for parts).

Android... The OS looks nice, but reminds me of oldschool Windows.
It was very buggy. Pandora crashed constantly so listening to music wasn't enjoyable.
I didn't have my Zune pass, so I didn't have much else to listen too besides podcasts. The podcast app on Android took a bit of learning, but once it was working, it worked great.
It allowed me to install whatever I wanted, but that seemed like I was going down the road of malware.
Widgets were nice... But I didn't like flipping between screens to see them. I prefer the WP Start page which some people claim are a little like widgets.
I can see how all the bloatware and widgets create a constant necessity to update hardware (like old windows computers) just to keep your Android OS from lagging.
I loved the Swype keyboard!!

iPhone: I was expecting it to be smooth and refreshing after a week of Android. I was expecting not to have bugs and there to be no lag. That wasn't the case. I had a Jailbroken one to start out with, but I couldn't get it to stop asking me for the old owners password even after removing every app from the appstore and putting in my own Appstore password. Eventually I had to restore it and lose the ability to jailbreak and unlock it. That sucked because I travel a lot and I wanted the unlock. Apple won't give out unlock codes no matter how long you've owned the device.
There was lots of lag. I might not have noticed it if I wasn't so use to WP. The screen consistently hung when moving between my three pages of apps. The browser was HORRIBLE and lags every time it's loading anything. The annoying grey boxes seemed to take up most my browser quite often.
I HATE needing an app for everything...
In one week I had it there was one app that crashed. That doesn't sound so bad, but I had my WP for almost a year and never had an app freeze/crash.
Podcasts... I listen to all the Mobile Nations podcasts and a couple others. I THOUGHT since the iPhone started the whole podcast thing that iTunes and iPhone would be good at them. Not the case... My phone seemed to never sync the new podcasts (which I had to use the USB and plug it in. When I new there was a new one and tried to download it directly to the phone then I had to be on Wifi. I'm hardly ever on wifi when I want my podcasts. It was just a pain in the a$$ to have podcasts on the iPhone. Wait.. there was an app that I could spend $2 if I had wanted them over non-wifi connection.. <sigh> I could have gotten them in the browser with direct download. I tried it. Playing a podcast in the browser was buggy. There was one point were I couldn't get the pause or FF/RW buttons to come back. I didn't feel like starting the things over and re-downloading the 30Mb file.
The iPhone screen is too small. Which makes me wonder if the new iPhone5 will have a bigger screen (4 inches?), and I also wonder if that'll further fragment the iOS app store.

I am soooo glad to be going back to WP7. I bought the Quantum for the keyboard, and I really just wanted to try another WP model phone, since I had my Focus for so long. I didn't feel like forking over $300 for the phone I REALLY wanted the Dell Venue Pro just before the new 7.5 devices started rolling out.
If anyone out there wants to give me there Dell Venue Pro to try out, send me a PM ;)

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