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UC Browser Translation Management Platform migrates to OneSkyapp

UC Browser

New member
Dec 19, 2013
Dear all

a.We are very glad to share the new progress of our translate project. Some of you may have seen participated in our project few version ago.

b.The new material need to be translated is ready.Some translation progress are over 95%. We are sure you could see them in the next version.

c.Because Ackuna.com do not support updating files to new version without losing your previous contribution, we have to migrate to

Oneskyapp (UCWEB Inc. Translation Center - Translation Management Platform by OneSky). It's such a pity that we cann't inform all the old users.

d. We would like to express our gratitude to some of our contributors who have helped a lot in previous translation,especially NORO Maxime(secouss), Luca(cannarocks), Henry E rling(bremer96), Anna Gldmn(Bubblebrainfish), Janus Marzetz(VlaadDracul), Eka Cahya Pratama(ekapratama93), Tk(9hodihk),etc. Thank you all fellows.We cannot make such progress without your selfless job.
We are eagerly looking forward to rebuild connect and get continous translation support from you once we move to new platform.

e. In order to speed things up, we would like to ask for one more favor: Could you help us sharing this message to your friends and local

WP community?

We never forget the dream"To give a perfect surfing experience to half of the people on the earth " Hope you love UC as ever before.It's

your support thar give us the power to be better.

For our new translation management platform, Click Windows Metro App - UCWEB Inc. Translation Center