Unlocked Nokia phone for use in Australia, can I get some help?

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Unlocked Nokia phone for use in Australia

Thank you to anyone who can help me with this....
I am moving to Australia from Florida in June.
I have a Nokia Lumia 521 which I have loved for the past year - want to upgrade to Nokia with better Camera/flash/internet speed etc - looking at the 928/630/925.
I am told that I need to buy factory unlocked and that will work with an Aussie SIM from a GSM carrier for Phone/text and internet.

I'm really NOT technical and will be alone in Auz. Any help or recommendations from anyone would be very gratefully received - I'd hate to make an expensive mistake and be left high/dry there trying to sort it out. Thank you!


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Nov 12, 2012
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Re: Unlocked Nokia phone for use in Australia

630 has the same camera module as the 521... You really don't gain anything. Same internet speed as well.

On a quick scan it looks as if it is going to be hard to get you matched with LTE in Oz from a US purchase.

However, the 521 and 630 are only getting about half of what H+ (3G) is capable of in terms of speed.

The 92x series is a good bet for a proven camera with flash. A very significant upgrade over the 521. Also the H+ is the fastest 3G connection. You are in luck there, just about any phone you buy in the US will match for GSM 3G in Australia. 928 and 925 certainly do match.

Lumia 928 is GSM unlocked already, It is plug and play. It is also a slight upgrade from 925 with 32GB internal storage on 928 and only 16GB on 925. Neither has an SD card slot. Also the 928 has Qi wireless charging built in and 925 needs a special charging case for wireless charging.

The 925 was branded to ATT and T-Mo in the US. You could use one of those if it is Carrier Unlocked. There is also a Factory Unlocked version that can be found. It was made for the Latin American markets and work just fine.

Join the site and reply in this thread if you need further input. Also I know there are at least two 928s for sale in our Marketplace forum right now and maybe a 925 if you dig around. You do have to be a member to post there or PM a seller with your offer.

Good Luck.


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Jul 10, 2012
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Re: Unlocked Nokia phone for use in Australia

I have a 920 for sale too :smile:

RomoredNow has some good points to consider. We'll still need the answers (including whats your budget :angel:) before suggesting anything.

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