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Updated Windows not totally updated?

Ivan Kim Reyes

New member
Sep 26, 2015
So... I just enrolled to Windows Insider as Slow and checked for update. It notified me with Windows 10 Preview build 10166 is available for download and I had it installed successfully. I liked the UI but the lockscreen, menu and other stuffs are laggy. And cortana is missing! My region and language settings are set to English US. I restarted it but cortana still doesn't show up! The worst is, I have read that Build 10166 is NOT THE LATEST build and said I must hard reset my device and look for updated build. I checked for updates but notified me that the build I have is up-to-date (like, srsly?) Help me please! How can I get Cortana back? and how can I have the latest build (10586?)