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Upgrade to L925 or wait for L1525? Tmobile

Primal Oscar

New member
Jan 23, 2014
So I'm currently on T Mobile and have the L810 which has been great but it's pretty much time for an upgrade since it's EOL'ed and it seems to overheat constantly plus this is my 2nd L810 where the usb input has been broken which means i can only charge via Qi charging plates(i have the cover accessory). So I saw that a refurbished L925 from tmob is $200 right now plus all the accessories i would want cost $30 bucks total from at&t online store. Now the L925 looks to be a good device but i've only stayed away from it for so long since I like my music alot and i have tons of it. 16GB memory(12GB honestly after OS required mem) is not close to enough for me. I honestly would prefer the L1525 but knowing that it will be like $800 easy new and wont drop for at least a while makes me not want to wait for it. Anyone have any suggestions on whether i should wait for L1525 and fork out the cash or upgrade to L925 now that it's dirt cheap and just be selective with what i put on it.


New member
Nov 10, 2013
Get the 925 if you can and then get the 1520.3 version, so you can get LTE on TMO for quite less than $800. Hope this helps.


New member
Apr 16, 2012
Yes, get a 925 but be very careful. I tried to buy another one, went to several TMO stores and their stock was not only low but so old that the batteries would not take a charge - apparently they didn't move well so the lithium batteries died in storage (they don't like to be fully discharged).

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