USB flash drive with an amazing capacity of 1 TB


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Nov 26, 2013
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When you desire fastest speeds and the highest capacities available in the world in a USB flash drive? Which can quickly access, edit and transfer your files and applications directly from the drive with no performance lag. We all with abundance of work and data to save, need one of these premium products for our rescues desperately. And also such USB flash drive is not singled out for the use of an individual, but with a monstrous storage capacity, these can easy store data for an entire enterprise.

If you are no more willing to settle for a bulky hard-drive, here are few suggestion for a compact storage. You can rely on Kingston when it comes to a guaranteed product and thus not considering its DT HyperX predator with Dramatic speed of up to 240MB/s1 , amazing capacity of up to 1TB and exclusive metal casing would be wrong. But it come with a little hiccup that, is the cost of this USB flash drive is not at all budget friendly as this piece of technology will bring you down by Rs.80,000.

I tried to look for another portable 1 TB USB flash drive, but couldn't find another , so if you know any of such USB flash drive, don't forget to mention it.

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