Uservoice Feature Requests to MS: API Access


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Oct 30, 2012
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Hello all,

Not sure if everyone feels the same, but I'm one for having more div access to certain system tools for the API. I thought to go jump on an app for WiFi details and realized it's yt another part of the API locked off from us (go figure as to why there were 0 similar apps already published).

Asked in the MS Dev community forum and an evangelist basically suggested requestng it via user voice. So I'm here asking this community to throw their available votes to the highest voted API request nd/or the highest rated WIFI API request.

I didn't want to make a new one as one already had 21 (!!!) votes, so if you want to put them there, please do:

I'll take a look for the overall API request. In any event s devs, and the community overall, I hope we all realize the benefit of request more API access. It allows for more diverse and functional apps, and our eco system is a' ready severely hampered, why are we staying content by blocking out functionality that can easily build the market with unique and useful apps.

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