Using Acer Aspire switch 10E in 2018.


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Sep 26, 2018
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The Acer aspire switch 10E got a lot of bad press when it was released in 2015, expertreviews left it at just 3 stars. It wasn't insanely popular, its specs were, not bad but not amazing, sporting an Intel Atom Z3735F and 2GBs of RAM, a 32GB HDD and a 1200x800 IPS display and finally the I/O, It has a Micro HDMI, Micro USB a standard headphone jack and SD card slot and you will NEED a 64gb SD card. When released it cost around £300 or about $400.

I've used it as my go-to portability option day to day since i got it in 2016 for £150 (second hand but hey) and I can't say it's been a bad experience, its keyboard is surprisingly good, the IPS display is not amazing but not bad, it has good viewing angles and its track pad, in my opinion, punches above its weight (I may have just got used to it because its the only laptop for a while) and it can do what I need it to do very well.

So, what do I use it for? I mainly run Google Docs and a couple tabs open, this can chug it sometimes because 2GB of ram, but it is smooth enough to get assignments done for College, and that's who i'd recommend it for, students who want something that they don't have to worry *too* much if they lose their laptop.

The design itself is nice and the top can hide scratches very well as it has a sorta thatched design, the screen is very glossy and an absolute fingerprint magnet however

Now the downsides, the displays resolution isn't too great, whilst it is IPS, its 1200x800 and can look a bit blurry when used in tablet mode, the trackpad is quite small and the internal storage is left at 11gbs


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