Using eBay website on W10 Mobile: How do I PAY for an item???

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Since the eBay app is gone . . . and the PayPal app is gone . . . I'm having difficulties making purchases.

My circumstances is that I have only a cellular connection while at a vacation house. No WiFi available.

When I get to the eBay checkout page, it is the mobile site version, even though I have enabled the desktop version as default.

The mobile checkout page offers two options for payment: PayPal and Giftcards/Bucks/Coupons.

Using PayPal results in being kicked back to the mkbile checkout page, with a vague error message suggesting you try again later.

After long calls with eBay and PayPal, I learned that PayPal will not process a payment made from a cellular data or public WiFi IP address, due to "security reasons."

So I deleted PayPal from my eBay "automatic payment" settings, and added a credit card directly there, as my preferred payment method.

However, the same two options for payment are still in the mobile checkout page. There is no option to used the stored credit card, or manually enter it.

I've tried changing the URL address if the mobile checkout page to access a desktop version, but no luck.

Ebay customer services says there is no work-around.

Has anyone else found a work-around for making eBay payments????


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Nov 13, 2013
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The best way is to forget the respective apps. Open up Edge and go to eBay that way and make payment. Do you get the same result? I have made a few eBay purchases on my phone, using a cellular connection and PayPal, and I never had any issues in doing it.

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