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Using Nokia 620 with mobile connection not wifi

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WPCentral Question

When I'm at home I usually have no problem connecting to my mobile phone's wifi connection and to the internet (via my pc's router presumably). But I have been told that if I visit somewhere like a theatre complex I might have to use another way of connecting ( I have a Virgin plan and have seen G3 mentioned on my Nokia 620). Also that I shall have to key-in somewhere a special password given to me by the venue I'm visiting. But I'm at a loss to find a box where this password will need to be keyed-in, in spite of searching for the info on my phone and online. Can you please enlighten me? (P.S. My broadband at home is supplied by BT)


New member
Jun 10, 2014
When you try to connect, it will probably say that the connection is secured...open by touching the name and the password box will appear. Or does this not happen for you?

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