Using Wireless Display on laptop with dual monitors already setup

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First of all, let me elaborate on my question by explaining the situation.
I have two laptops: an 17" ASUS with a regular HDMI port, and a 14" Lenovo with Micro HDMI, both running the latest Windows 10 updates.

Now, the ASUS is a pretty old, worn out laptop. Still very useful, but it needs like half an hour to get up to speed. The Lenovo is more recent, BUT the Micro HDMI port is damaged. I tried repairing it, but it's located on the Motherboard.

Now, using my ASUS, I've always connected a external monitor with HDMI. And I'd really like to continue using it with my Lenovo. That's why I thought the Wireless Display function on windows would come in handy, and it did! I use my Lenovo to cast the image to my ASUS, which I can see on my external monitor. As a matter of fact, I can still see my desktop on my ASUS and perform tasks on it, while it's receiving the image of my Lenovo on the connected external monitor. I hope it's not too confusing?

But that got me thinking. Is there a possibility (or a workaround) to use my Lenovo to cast its image to BOTH of the other screens (The ASUS laptop screen AND the external monitor connected to the ASUS)?

TL;DR version: Can I use Windows Wireless Display to cast to a device, which already has 2 screens available, thus creating 1 setup with 3 screens?

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