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Dec 6, 2010
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I use Windows PCs since 1992 and always updating my Windows when a new one is launched, so I have quite a "high mileage" as an user but not as a developer, that's why I would like to ask some questions regarding both Win32 and UWP.

My first major contact with non-Win32 software on Windows was when I bought my first WP7 device when it was launched. I know those apps were Silverlight and that Windows was running on top of a Windows CE kernel, but since them I noticed that these Silverlight, WinRT and now the UWP are always way slower to start than equivalent Win32 ones, even when running on the same device. One exemple: a simple app like the Calculator, the Win32 one starts immediately, but the UWP one takes a good 2 or 3 seconds to start.

Why even a simple UWP app like the Calc is so slow to start? Even these legacy apps like the WordPad that MS ported to UWP takes longer to start compared to the Win32 ones. It feels like these UWP apps are always doing security checks or something like this on the background when you start them, and I feel this on my PC, my L930 running W10M and on the Xbox One.

The last question is: In its current state, it's possible to do apps like the Photoshop CC entirely on UWP instead to Win32? If yes, what would be the pros and cons compared to the old Win32?


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