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Viber problem on Microsoft Lumia 535


New member
Nov 10, 2017
Hi everyone, was wondering if someone can help me or guide me..

I have a Microsoft Lumia 535 phone, and currently on Windows 10. The problem started with Viber not sending any Push Notifications unless the app was actually open.
I tried all sorts and deleting / re installing the app did not help. Every time I re-install Viber, it works for an hour or so, then when I go back into the app, it asks me to enter my number and confirm the code...it does it everytime I go into the app.

More recently I Reset the phone back to factory settings and still experiencing the same problem, but Push Notifications now work! However it still goes around in circles by asking me to enter my mobile number and code each time I enter the app. So it's like resetting the app every single time.

Does anyone have a solution please?

Thank you


New member
Nov 21, 2017
Not a solution but similar problem with Lumia 435.
Installed and accessed Viber with phone number and Facebook info. Now every other day I need to restart the whole registration process (insert phone number, key in PIN code from SMS and access contact details on FB)
The problem is I lose all previous chats and all group chats I was invited to I need to be reinvited, and the chats I created need to be restarted. It is really annoying.
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Andrija Ilic

New member
Jul 1, 2018
I have a problem with lumia 535..Problem is that viber doent syncing my contacts on viber and always said "check your internet connection",but internet is okay and working good .Thank you in forward :D

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