Video from the camera app is unusable


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Nov 23, 2015
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I was hoping to use my surface book for vlogging since it boasts 1080p and 30 fps on the rear and front-facing cameras. Do not try this, it won't work. I ran in to so many problems attempting to film using the Surface Book that it has made me regret my $3000 purchase.

1. The rear-facing camera has an auto-focus feature that does not work for video and cannot be turned off. It will continuously adjust to find the focus, effectively ruining your video. Therefore, only the front facing camera can be used for video.
2. The video and audio get out of sync for long videos, so you have to waste hours syncing the video and audio.
3. Sometimes, it seems to be filming, but it isn't filming at all. A corrupted file is created by the Camera app, and you've completely wasted your time. Restarting the machine seems to fix this problem.

It is just a disaster.


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May 22, 2014
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I haven't used the camera app for video much, but your comment about the rear camera not working for video surprised me, so I just tried it out. Using the rear camera for video worked perfectly for me. It had no problem locking in the focus and staying put until I moved the SB and pointed it at something else, and then it would lock in focus quickly and stay put again. So as to issue one, you're having a problem that I'm not having.

My video was only a couple minutes, but there were no sync issues at all.

I couldn't replicate issue #3.

My test was hardly conclusive, but since I can't replicate your problems, it sounds like there may be something glitching on your app, rather than an inherent problem with the software. Can you uninstall and re-install the camera app?

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