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Visual Voicemail is causing my Windows 7 phone to infinitely sync. How do I fix this?

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Visual Voicemail is causing my Windows 7 phone to infinitely sync.

I have a Nokia Lumia 900 (Windows Phone 7) through AT&T. About two months ago my phone started having problems syncing both Visual Voicemail and all my various accounts (Windows Live, Comcast email, and Google email/calendar. They all say they are syncing but all the accounts just get stuck. I have isolated the problem to Visual Voicemail. It's Visual Voicemail going into infinite sync that causes all my other accounts to do the same. I called AT&T to troubleshoot and they disabled VVM from my account, but even so the phone still tries to sync with it even though VVM no longer exists. I figured out that Visual Voicemail can only attempt to sync when cellular data is switched on (it does not go through Wifi). So the only way I can disable my phone from trying to sync VVM is to turn off cellular data and then restart the phone with cell data off. This prevents the phone from trying to sync VVM and then I can sync my other accounts no problem with Wifi. If I turn cell data back on the phone will again attempt to sync VVM and I get all the same sync problems again. So for now the only way I can prevent this is to leave cellular data off which is a lousy solution. Why does VVM syncing no longer work on my phone and how do I fix this problem permanently?