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w10 mobile redstone 2 wanted features


New member
Sep 30, 2015
Toggles are coming (make it smooth and productive)
Add fm radio to groove music app and the Equalizer
add support for game controllers(more than just xbox controller)
native Os VR support
split screen multi tasking
clear all apps button in the task manager (increase the size of the cards)
wifi direct (native)
improve glance screen and add features (samsung and lg are making it more productive and feature rich than ours)
add features and improve the performance of the camera app (other brands have come at par by now, where is the action mode and oher features of the Lumia Camera app?)
Edge needs night mode and other features . plus performance improvement
battery life improvement
music controls in action center
more information and actionable notification on the lock screen
messaging everywhere is sweet
support for pen/ink support (samsung is ruling it with note series, for future devices)
left swipe for always open apps (or widgets like tile , for direct use of the particular app and its feature , like calculator)
basic funtions of cortana without the need of turning on the location

others can add their ideas

abhishek singh21

Apr 27, 2014
+ LED notification, i am dearly missing this feature in windows phone. ( capable hardware is required, that should be introduced + lumias such as 930 ?730-35 have it inbuilt)

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