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W10 on 920 - start screen and app list not loading, how can I fix this?

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W10 on 920 - start screen and app list not loading

i hit media connect in notification centre by mistake. this was right after a ' critical' update was installed, and i was checking out the notification centre.. i got curious about media connect.. and since i hit that button, my start screen (home) wont load.. just is either blank, constantly showing as if its loading....

if i hold the back button a mouse pointer shows up on the top left corner.. i dont know what that means.. i can only access the 'All settings' from the notification centre.

even camera wont launch.. just keeps 'Loading'. What do i do?


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Sep 26, 2014
Re: W10 on 920 - start screen and app list not loading

Hard reset or roll back and try again.
Good luck

The mouse pointer in the top corner is probably a bug but you can install a mouse and use it.

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