Wacom Feel Drivers Confuse Continuum on Surface Pro 2


Oct 29, 2014
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Hey Guys,

Upgraded my Surface Pro 2 from Windows 8.1.1 to Windows 10 a while ago, and just recently, I decided to do a fresh install of Windows 10 and reconfigure all my apps from the ground-up on Windows 10. Part of my reconfiguration process is to install the Wacom feel drivers in order to gain access to the Wacom radial menu, along with shortcuts for Windows Ink workspace.

After just recently installing the Wacom Feel drivers on my freshly restored Surface Pro 2, Continuum began misbehaving. The issue could be reproduced as follows with the Wacom Feel drivers installed:

1.) Restart the system, log-in and wait for all applications to load. Also test Continuum in this state by folding the Type Cover back, notice it works as it should (activates Tablet mode when in Tablet form), and unfolding it, notice it again works as it should (exits Tablet mode when in Laptop form).

2.) Put Surface Pro to sleep, and wait a few seconds

3.) Wake Surface Pro up, notice that Continuum is all confused now; when Surface Pro is in Laptop form, continuum activates Tablet mode, when Surface Pro is in tablet form, continuum exits Tablet mode.

I was experiencing this same issue after upgrading from Windows 8.1.1 to Windows 10, and it was really frustrating. Likely due to the Wacom feel drivers already being installed in Windows 8.1.1.

I just uninstalled the Wacom Feel drivers, restarted, and re-attempted the above procedure without the Wacom Feel drivers. Continuum continued to work as it should after waking my Surface Pro 2 from sleep. Anyone know of a way to get the benefits of the Wacom Feel drivers without breaking Continuum?
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