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Jun 27, 2013
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Have you ever used the app named Wallpaper Sky on Windows Phone? If you answer is NO, you are supposed to download it from the Market right now! It's very handsome and stunning! Some times we have to admitted that apps in good quality is really not enough for normally using on Windows Phone. So good apps are always worth sharing!

Here are the points that can explain why I like it.

1. A sea of wallpapers in high quality.
Wallpaper Sky offers a variety of high resolution pictures which are suitable for Windows Phone. You can enjoy different wallpapers with Metro Style. Just dress up your phone with Wallpaper Sky.

2. Lockscreen show
Are you bored with the lockscreen on Windows Phone? Have you ever imagined that your lockscreen wallpaper will change automatically? Wallpaper Sky will help you, enable the Lockscreen show and enjoy. Wallpapers will change timely for you, very impressive!
LockScreen show.jpg
3. Categories
How to select wallpapers from such a huge amount of wallpapers? Categories! Exhaustive categories will give you a fast look at different features and you can get what you need at the first sight.
4. Users Showroom
The most shinning point with Wallpaper Sky, Users Showroom. Every users can share their wallpapers via Wallpaper Sky, and everyone can enjoy wallpapers shared by different people. Upload your beautiful photos and share them with Wallpaper Sky users all over the world.
5. Guess you like
If you don't know what kinds of wallpapers are most suitable for you, don't worry, Wallpaper Sky will help you! Guess you like is another shining function. The app will analysis by your collection and select wallpapers you may like from the galary .
Guess you like.jpg
7. Download Queue
Wanna download a verity of wallpapers and tired of tapping them one by one? Download Queue is supported in the latest version.

Moreover, there are some other designs which are very amazing. You can DIY your own wallpapers and even download wallpapers from the Flickr.

Just download and enjoy, it's FREE!!
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