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Sep 30, 2012
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Post: How's WP8 is better?
User: Acbuono5
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Original Post:
[QUOTE="uzmarvel, post: 2161535, member: 274836"]
Please respond reasonably as I'm not here to flame the discussion, I just want advice from guys who used or knows both BB10 and WP.[/QUOTE]

So you don't want anyone to respond? First, there are barely any WP users and then you want only WP users that know and have used bb10...people who use/have used bb10 is even way less than wp8. Statistically you have just narrowed your sample population down to a few hundred if that in the whole world...and the chance they come to this thread makes it even less.

Since you know BB10 why don't you just listen to people who use wp8 and for yourself decide which is better? That way you get a lot of responders.


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