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Mar 31, 2012
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Post: Lack of Skype voicemail sending me back to Android.
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To those two idiots who say VM is new, I have had Skype voicemail since 2006 when I first subscribed to Skype-In/Skype-Out. It has been part of Android for a long time.

To the others, I don't really care if it's baked in or not, I just want it to work. It's an app I use every day and I don't want to settle for something subpar.

I actually found another bug with Skype for WP. If I'm disconnected from wifi and get a call, as soon as I reconnect to wifi Skype rings and says I have an incoming call, even if it was a call that came in hours ago. If you hit answer it even says you are connected, nobody is on the other line of course.

I hate Apple and think Android is overly complicated. I really want Windows Phone to succeed. I just can't wait for that to happen. Overly complicated is better than broken.

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