Wasteland 3 Beginner's Guide: Tips, tricks, and mastering the apocalypse

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Dec 17, 2013
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Survive irradiated Colorado with our Wasteland 3 beginner's tips.
Wasteland 3 is a truly vast RPG experience brimming with options and content. Getting to grips with it early on can be tough, which is why we've prepared this Wasteland 3 Beginner's Guide to help you get to grips with its systems and mechanics.
Set in the snowy wastes of post-apocalyptic Colorado, Wasteland 3 follows the exploits of the Desert Rangers, descended from the remnants of the US Armed Forces of Arizona. The Rangers' goal is to bring some semblance of law and order to the United States, a couple of hundred years after nuclear war made the surface relatively inhospitable, filled with radioactive waste, mutant creatures, crazed robots, and insane raider militia.
As a CRPG, inspired by tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons, Wasteland 3's aim is to give you as much playstyle and narrative freedom as possible. Your character progression can affect every aspect of the game, from dialogue choices to combat. Building a balanced squad is key to success, especially as a newcomer to the genre, which is why we've prepared our Wasteland 3 beginner's guide to help you get started.
[h=2]An apocalyptic epic[/h][h=3]Wasteland 3[/h]

Return to the apocalypse.
Wasteland 3 is the pinnacle of CRPG design and gameplay, and it's available on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox One.
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