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Weird Wifi issues


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May 18, 2012
When I first got my phone, I would always connect to my home wifi, then go to work and it will automatically connect there, and then when I go to visit family, connect to their wifi, etc. But after the most recent update, once I'm connected at home, it won't connect when I go elsewhere unless I turn the phone off and back on. So when I go to work, I have to turn my phone off, then when I turn it back on, it connects right to the wifi there. And when I get home, I have to do the same thing. This wasn't a problem with it prior to the update.

Verizon Wireless even exchanged the phone and the new one does the exact same thing after it did all the updates. I've contacted both Verizon Wireless and HTC and neither of them are able to figure out what is going on. HTC was going to fix the phone, but I didn't want to be without it for 2 weeks, plus, since the phone was already exchanged I don't know what they could do. It's got to be some sort of software issue. :confused:

Model: HTC mwp6985
OS version: 7.10.8107.79
Carrier: Verizon Wireless
Locale: Utah
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Oct 28, 2011
I have had the same issue the fix was to wipe the device.

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