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Dec 17, 2013
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We have a new name! We began as WMExperts back in 2007 covering Windows Mobile, changed our name in late 2010 to WPCentral to reflect Microsoft's next chapter with Windows Phone. Today, we are once again moving forward with Windows Central.
[h=2]The Number One Community For All Things Microsoft[/h]It should be clear now that coming into 2015 there is just one Windows, running on the Surface, Xbox One, PCs, laptops and even your phone. At the urging of many of our loyal and active readers, over the last year we have steadily ramped up coverage ? beyond our historical Windows Phone focus ? to also cover Xbox, Surface, and general Microsoft news. The response to the expanded coverage has been excellent and this past year has also seen the site and our community grow by leaps and bounds. Amazingly, WPCentral is now not only the top Windows Phone site in the world, but we are also one of the top Microsoft sites too. The fact of the matter is if you own a Windows Phone, you are likely to possess (or be interested in) the growing ecosystem of Microsoft products.
We want to continue the momentum that's already underway and changing from WPCentral.com to WindowsCentral.com reflects our expanded mission (not to mention Microsoft recently dropped the Phone from the branding on new Windows phones). Our goal and mission is simple - we'll be working our hardest every single day to make this community and resource the best destination around for all users of Microsoft-based products.

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Nov 30, 2012
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Good choice on the new name. Was thinking it might be helpful if you enhanced the top navigation with a drop down menu for DEVICES so it can be sub-categorized by phones, tablets, desktops, wearables, etc. That would help zero in on topics of interest quicker. Just my thoughts.

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