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Well Windows Phone is pretty much doomed on my carrier.


New member
Apr 20, 2011
When I got my Windows Phone, Claro ( the carrier ) was famous for only having the crappiest of Nokia phones and blackberries but they got the old Galaxy and then my Phone.

Now this holiday the not only finally have the Iphone 4GS at only 99bucks but also the Galaxy S2 ( original european version ), The Droid RAZR free of verizon branding with an unlimited data at just 59 bucks a month. Now they are getting the freaking N9 =/, AT&T and T-mobile secured the Focus,Titan, Flash and Radar so I don't expect any new windows phones sadly.

On the flip side, they do advertise this phone a lot, you always see it on the flyers and displays but with a 99 price and other better offers I can't see it doing great :(.

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