What about Cortana while on Bluetooth?

Mark F24

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Oct 12, 2014
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I use my Bluetooth headset a lot, I can't usually handle my phone at work as I usually have oily, dirty hands so you can imagine that the voice response to text messages while listening to Groove is quite a handy feature, well it would be if it worked.

I was sold on voice response over bluetooth when I was using an AT&T Samsung SGH-i677 Focus Flash with Windoz 7.5, it worked flawlessly. I realize it wasn't Cortana then by the way. As soon as my contract allowed I got a Nokia 635 and had odd Bluetooth pausing and popping that was totally annoying, got a replacement and had the same problem, the next replacement was a 925, same thing so seeing as AT&T refused to consider that I had been a steady customer for over 10 years with FIVE phones on my plan, they rewarded me by refusing to help, I ended up buying out of it, I know its a cheap phone and it cost me more than a Go Phone, wow was I ripped off.

So anyway, I got an HTC One M8, awesome phone too, with 8.1, that is not a cheap phone! Cortana works perfectly on Bluetooth, it never lags, has the best of everything except a really good camera. But that is W8.1, I want to run W10M as there is a lot I really like about Windoz 10, but the performance of Cortana voice response while on Bluetooth is pathetic. If you pause Groove for 15-20 minutes it takes 10 to 15 seconds to start the paused track, if it is longer the track will not restart at all. If a text message comes Cortana might ask you what you want to do, she may even respond but almost never restarts the interrupted track.

I read something while Googling that Microsoft was "actively addressing" this issue, (in a twitter post from that Gabe that is quoted here frequently) from July, almost 6 months and they haven't addressed it. Now I realize this is a "free" upgrade, but it is not like I haven't invested in MS I only have 7 laptops running windows software.

Does anyone know anything about this? I surely won't buy a "flagship" phone that will malfunction in the area I will expect the most from it.

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